Futurex & Equip has become SA’s ICT exhibition solution

At Futurex & Equip in 2006, of those visitors responding to the question on purchasing authority, 83% made or influenced purchase decisions – almost the same proportion as at CeBIT, and up from 81% in 2005. While numbers have tended to drop off as the focus of the exhibition has moved away from consumers to industry professionals – in line with international trends – the overall quality of visitors has been widely praised by exhibitors.

For small and medium enterprises – for the first time catered for by a major ICT event- the collocation of Equip with Futurex 2006 was a major attraction. This was hardly surprising, given that SMEs are discovering that online product marketing is not delivering to their needs. While price and feature set is easy to display online, the key requirements of SME purchasers are not as easily met in this way.

According to interim findings of SME Survey 2006, the fourth annual study of SME competitiveness, the majority of respondents (84%) said that Quality of the product or service was a prime consideration in making an IT purchase. Close behind came Reliability or lack of downtime, at 79%, and only then Price, at 75%.It was found, however, that while Quality and Reliability are the primary criteria, should all competing products be on par, the decision will be based on Price and Relationship, which 71% of respondents rated as important.

In this context, Futurex & Equip offers the best of all worlds for showcasing products aimed at SMEs, with a platform for product demonstrations, marketing and services, and meeting potential customers.

Two markets, one showcase, infinite business opportunities

With ICT expected to be a major contributor to job creation in South Africa in the coming years, and the SME sector expected to be the major role player in this process, the time has never been better to take advantage of Futurex & Equip as a showcase for technology-enabling small business.

At the same time, with 21% of visitors to Futurex & Equip 2006 having represented companies in the corporate sector, and 1.6% from companies with more than 1 000 employees, the exhibitions remains the most important ICT event in South Africa for targeting big business. And, considering that 68% of visitors this year were looking for new products, and 50% were intending to meet new and existing suppliers, can you really afford not to be there?

Find your zone at Futurex & Equip 2007 (Johannesburg only)

Exhibitors at Futurex & Equip should include everyone with an ICT product, system or service that can deliver business benefits to enterprises, SMEs or any sized business in-between. For the first time, Futurex & Equip 2007 will also feature several specialist exhibitor zones focused around the industry’s latest epicenters of activity. These include:

Wireless and Mobile Zone
In the short period from 2004 to 2006, wireless broadband penetration went from 5% of corporates in South Africa to 59%. Laptop and cellular phones are now both in use in 99% of corporations surveyed*, showing that mobile technologies have become indispensable in the corporation. In turn they have driven huge growth in wireless technologies. What is the state of the art? What is everybody using? The Wireless and Mobile Zone will be the place to find out.

Events Image

The Talent Management Zone
Human resources, performance management and eLearning are all faces of the same emerging industry; talent management. How are firms both large and small coping with the increasingly complex demands of this discipline? The answer very often lies in software systems. Until now, however, there have been few opportunities to evaluate various options and applications under one roof. The Talent Management Zone will finally address the gap.

Customer Relations Zone
Customer relations without IT systems is just a buzzword. Add the hardware and the software, and you have a customer interface that can be use to communicate with customers, research them, market to them, and solve their product or service problems. From customer relations management tools to call centers, from mass mailing solutions to personalized marketing tools, the Customer Relations Zone is the point of contact for the business that wants to be in contact.

Benefits in Brief
Futurex & Equip is the perfect place to combine business with networking – key decision-makers and buyers, existing customers and prospects, both exhibit and visit
Achieve maximum impact and wider penetration at minimum cost – exhibiting is a fraction of the cost of other marketing mediums yet delivers a far greater return on investment
Take advantage of the many opportunities for cultivating relations with customers and business partners, one-to-one and face-to-face
Launch and demonstrate products ands services on high-profile platform, where your audience is in your hands
Discover new market opportunities and connect with the partners who can help you take advantage of them
Promote yourself to the press without doing a thing – at Futurex & Equip, they’ll come to you.

At a Glance
Industry sector
Information & Communications Technology and Electronics for enterprises, SMEs and home-based professionals.

Annually in Gauteng and Cape Town

First Established
2004 – following with the integration on Computer Faire & BEXA (est. 1978) and Tel.com (11 events)

Visitor profile
Targeted at the snowballing enterprise and SME markets, Futurex & Equip attract key business contacts who have a direct influence on the corporate buying decisions. In 2006, representatives from 6 442 unique companies and 35 countries attended and 83% of visitors either influenced or made the purchasing decisions within their organizations.

The intensive 360-degree marketing and promotions campaign is focused at CEOs, CIOs, IT executives and buyers in particular, representing organizations from large corporates to SMEs, NGOs and public service.

Marketing and promotions
When you invest in space to exhibit at Futurex & Equip 2007, your company secures a stake in one of the most intensive promotions and marketing campaigns in Africa.

To guarantee delivery of key business contacts for exhibitors, a 360 degree marketing strategy comprises extensive advertising and promotion in carefully selected trade, financial and business publications, supported by highly-targeted PR coverage, outdoor and radio advertising, online and email campaigns, and comprehensive direct mail initiatives in the months leading up to the event. Ticket inserts are also placed in most of the major business and trade publications in South Africa.

Technews will publish the official Visitor Guide for Futurex & Equip 2007. Designed to be a show tour-planning document, it also serves as a post-show reference guide and is an invaluable tool for visitors, delegates, exhibitors and stakeholders.

In addition, the exhibition website (www.futurexequip.co.za) will be put in place to handle visitor pre-registrations. Here visitors will be able to access company, solutions, products and services information for every exhibitor participating in the event.